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klio History


We wrote the year 1900

KLIO was founded in 1900 in Hennef an der Sieg by Eduard Reisert. As well as Manufacturing office furniture, a substantial production facility for fountain pens was also developed there, and in the first half of the twentieth century the KLIO patented fountain pen was at times the best seller in the whole of Europe.

1955 saw the notarial certification of the eterna ball-point pen mechanism, distinguished by its high and consistent quality. In 1956 "klio eterna Gesellschaft m.b.h. Fabrik für Schreibgeräte" was established as a legally and  financially independent unit, with the aim of pressing ahead in the writing instruments sector by Wilhelm Höhner. In 1957/1958 the headquarters of klio eterna Schreibgeräte was relocated to Wolfach, while the steady development and expansion of the plastics processing facility for the production of  in-house ballpoint components progressed steadily in the Black Forest. In  1983 the principle of high-precision multi-coloured screen printing was introduced  for ballpoint pens.

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