Traditional company with international appearance

In the first half of the last century Europe wrote with fountain pens from Klio. They enjoyed great popularity due to the superior quality and the modern ink container used in these early models. Since the triumphal procession of the ballpoint pen, Klio-Eterna has become one of the leading manufacturers of this promotional item featuring company logos from all over the world. Since 2010 the company has diversified into producing USB-flash drives in the Black Forest.

Klio-Eterna produces quality writing instruments since more than 110 years


Eduard Reisert establishes a factory for the production of writing instruments in Hennef an der Sieg – at that time premium fountain pens. As a second company branch the production of office furniture is added afterwards.


The company is growing so fast that Klio advertises with the statement: “Biggest and best performing fountain pen factory on the continent”. In the first half of 20th century the patented fountain pen of Klio is, temporarily, the bestseller all over Europe.


The Hungarian innovator László Biró applies for a patent for ballpoint pens in Germany. In 1942 he renews this patent in Argentina.


Reconstruction of the production plant after destruction by bombs.


Notarisation of the Eterna ballpoint pen mechanism. Distinguished by a high and long lasting quality.


Foundation of the Klio Eterna Schreibgeräte GmbH. The aim is the continuation of the writing instrument sector by the registered manager of these day and later the director Wilhelm Höhner. Separate from the furniture production.


Move of the headquarters to Wolfach in the Black Forest.


Since the move the amount of employees almost doubled to a total of 40. The product range includes 30 different ballpoint pens.


Operations commence in the new building after a 10 months construction period.


Major increase in the export business: Klio-Eterna now distributes its writing instruments to more than 30 countries.


Investments into modern plastic injection and assembly machines during the 80s.


Implementation of the quality, multi-colour screen printing on the ballpoint pens.


Hans M. Höhner takes over the management of the Schreibgeräte GmbH from his father, Wilhelm Höhner. In the same year the fully automated refill assembly starts its operations.


In the 90s the production of serial parts on customer demand is realized. The high grade of individuality is enabled by the introduction of the modular construction system that includes millions of colour combinations still available today.


Integration of refill tip production. Now the final, essential element in production is achieved in-house.


Klio-Eterna presents the first I.T. configuration system for writing instruments.


Take-over of all company shares by Hans M. Höhner.


The German Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs awards Klio-Eterna as “Company with Vision” for the best practice company philosophy and personnel policy in regards to the integration of elderly employees as well as former permanently unemployed persons older than 50 years.


Klio-Eterna patents the USB ballpoint pen GENIUS – the first USB ballpoint pen where the use of the USB flash drive is possible at the same time as the writing function.


Klio-Eterna launches the first USB-flash drive as a modular construction system.


Klio-Eterna operates with 136 employees in Wolfach. The trainee program of the company strengthens the regional solidarity: trainees and students learn their future skills at Klio-Eterna.