Ballpoint pens made in the Black Forest

Always at the state-of-the-art. This characterizes the production of Klio-Eterna. Around 60 Million writing instruments per year are leaving the factory. The plastic components and refills are Klio-made.

Klio-made plastic parts and refills

Unlike many of our competitors Klio-Eterna does not significantly depend on subcontractors this is due to the high vertical range of manufacture; every production process, even the production of refill tips, is integrated in the workflow 100 percent. This guarantees quality control, efficiency and maximum in flexibility, from which the customers profit every day.

Klio-Eterna supports its clients to create their model in their colours and configuration. Millions of different colour combination are possible. The promotional pen perfectly fits the corporate design. Klio-Eterna preferentially uses plastic raw material from a local sources.

In order to produce long-lasting imprints in high quality the company uses specially developed printing methods. This guarantees exact and durable messages on promotional ballpoint pens and branded USB flash drives.
Our quality control procedures ensures every single writing instrument undertakes a test on function. This test ensures that the ballpoint pens are long-lasting and become the most favourite pen on every desk. The same applies to the branded USB flash drives. They provide reliable service to their owners by ensuring a long lasting high performance.

Klio-Eterna is able to perform plastic injection moulding extremely ecologically. The company recycles excess plastic material that means that there is no further waste generated during production.