‘Good’ is not good enough

The home of Klio-Eterna is the Black Forest, where we have produced writing instruments for over 60 years. The years of experience and expertise are the basis for our sustainable business success.

We attach great importance to working with employees and partners that share our commitment to the highest quality levels and our respect for the environment. We try to keep the production processes primarily inside the company. If this is not possible, then we choose our suppliers with the utmost care. We cooperate closely with them and pay close attention to the continuous monitoring of the entire production process in order to develop skills and processes that ensure a responsible use of people and the environment.

Incorporated within each new product is our entire expertise and experience, ensuring that new designs meet the individual needs of our customers and achieve maximum advertising impact. Our goal is to create sustainable, aesthetic designs, which are also strong in terms of functionality and quality - in every respect.