3/27/2020 Cava - Request your free sample now!

The new Cava retractable ballpoint pen impresses with its linear design and slim silhouette. The sleeve in high-gloss plastic under the concave clip top, which can be combined in 16 standard colours, provides exciting colour accents. In addition to the standard version in high gloss, the new Cava is also available in the pleasantly rough and unique Klio-Eterna softgrip surface.

Equipped with the Klio-Eterna Silktech S quality refill with a writing length of 2,000 m, both versions impress with their proven, velvety writing feel. The Cava high gloss consists of 4 plastic components that can be combined in up to 16 colours. If the required colour is not among the standard colours, all parts can of course also be produced in special PMS colours from an order quantity of 5,000 pieces.

When it comes to refinement, the attractive, wide clip offers a wide range of options for personalisation. In addition to the familiar standard screen and pad printing methods, the body of the Cava can also be customised with the new XL printing.

This flexibility and enormous variety create space for individuality with infinite design variants. High quality, special, unique and yet absolutely suitable for mass production.

TIP: Like all our other high gloss models, the Cava high gloss is also available on request as a "recycling pen

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