3/23/2017 Klio-Eterna – high quality writing instruments “Made in Germany“

Innovative and technically up-to-date – this is what marks out the Klio-Eterna production. Around 60 million writing instruments leave the factory building every year. All plastic parts and refills are made in our own site in Wolfach.

Thanks to this high and, for our industry, unusual depth of production, we are almost independent from suppliers. This leads to a greater flexibility and essentially means that up to the manufacturing of the refill tips every production step is integrated in the overall workflow process.

In the production of our high-quality writing-instruments we prefer to use granulates from domestic manufacturing. Sustainability and the conserving of resources play an important role in our processes. We guarantee our customers and partners to transparently act in a responsible way and assure them that a sustainable use of the environment and its resources has priority during our production process. For example excess material is constantly recycled during our special, environmentally friendly injection molding process.

We use a specially developed process for durable and colorfast imprints of the highest quality which guarantees authentic and long-lasting marketing messages across the range of our promotional items.

In addition all our products come with our high-grade Silktech refills as standard. This specially developed refill technology ensures a comfortable soft, fluent line and guarantees a long lasting writing cycle.

Regular functional tests and quality checks ensure the consistency of quality as well as well as ensuring compliance with all the appropriate requirements on our high-quality and durable writing instruments – of course this applies to all Klio-USB-products as well.

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