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klio trade®

klio trade®

Writing instruments from controlled trading

The klio trade® brand stands for controlled and fair trade of imported products, mainly from the metal writing instruments segment. As specialists, we always keep an eye on the requirements of the market and pay particular attention to the processing of the imported products.

We ensure this by adapting almost every imported product for the European market together with our suppliers. In this way, our customers receive high-quality metal pens "Designed in Germany" at attractive prices.

In addition to traditional metal ballpoint pens, the klio trade® range also includes high-quality rollerball pens. Both writing instruments are equipped as standard with high-yield refills for long-lasting writing pleasure. When it comes to colouring, selected models offer up to 6 colour options right from the start. In addition, special colour options are available for most models from 10,000 pieces.

Complemented by a matching gift box, ballpoint pens and rollerballs can be combined to create attractive gift sets for individual occasions.

  • Trade goods, mainly metal writing instruments
  • Ballpoint pens and rollerballs
  • Models made of high-quality materials (e.g. carbon, etc.)
  • Models in softtouch or metallic
  • Special colours already from 10.000 pieces (selected models)
  • Personalisation in the form of laser engraving
  • Designed in Germany