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Be creative!

Be creative!

Customisation options for your brand advertising

Customisation turns conventional pens into advertising mediums for your brand or campaign communication.

Compared to the market, we offer a maximum of personalisation options for our products to give you the highest possible flexibility in customising your promotional pens. With us, you can let your creativity flow. Our experts will advise you on even the most challenging designs. Stand out from the crowd and be bold. We will support you.

Depending on the selected product, the available imprint areas and the desired imprint motifs, our promotional pens offer various options for skilfully showcasing your company logo or campaign motto.

Screen printing

A classic printing process that is mainly used for printing on surfaces and simple round bodies. Screen printing is therefore also a common practice for personalising writing instruments.


Screen printing is a direct printing process in which each colour of the print motif is applied to the material individually and one after the other.  The respective colour is pressed through a close-meshed screen with the help of a rubber squeegee.


  • Optimal printing of large areas
  • Printing on round bodies
  • High ink coverage
  • Suitable for spot colours
  • Metallic effects and luminescent printing possible
  • Good register accuracy for multicolour prints
  • Particularly sharp-edged print results
  • Predestined for long runs
Beispiel Siebdruck Kugelschreiber

Pad printing

Pad printing is ideal for printing on uneven or highly curved surfaces. Where screen printing has physical limits, pad printing is a real alternative.


Pad printing is an indirect printing process in which the printing ink is picked up by an elastic pad and transferred to the object to be printed.


  • Printing on very small and uneven surfaces
  • Filigree prints with fine lines and motifs possible
  • Printing on surfaces that are difficult to access
  • Large printing runs can also be realised
Kugelschreiber Individualisierung Beispiel Tampondruck

Digital printing

Digital printing is the suitable process if many colours, colour gradients or even photos are to be transferred to an object.


With digital printing, the printed image is transferred directly from a file or digital template from a PC to a printing press without having to create a printing plate as an ink carrier beforehand.


  • Cost-effectiveness for multicolour printing
  • Realisation of colour gradients
  • Photorealistic motifs can be realised
  • Flexibility in printing size
  • Realisation of small and medium quantities
Beispiel Digitaldruck Kugelschreiber USB-Stick

Laser engraving

This type of finishing is used when lettering, decorative lines or even complex logos are to be applied to metal parts of the pens.


During engraving, a laser scans specific areas on the writing instrument. This creates a tangible stamping on the surface.


  • Permanent form of personalisation
  • Noble impression
  • Suitable for many materials
  • High precision
  • Filigree motifs can be realised
  • Large quantities also possible
Beispiel Lasergravur Kugelschreiber