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Promotional ballpoint pen Zeno

Flexible and 100% Made in Germany

In addition to a wide clip and large advertising spaces, the high-quality Zeno is particularly impressive with its strikingly designed push button and unusual shape. The optional shiny metal elements also ensure a noble appearance.

Available in up to 14 standard colours, the Zeno offers an extensive choice of colours. From an order quantity of 5,000 pieces, the versatile promotional pen can also be produced in individual corporate colours. With the "mix it, match it" modular system, the modern retractable ballpoint pen can be individually combined in colour and material.  

The pen is 100% manufactured in Germany. This applies to both the plastic components and the metal elements. In addition, we carry the seal "climate-neutral location" and produce with photovoltaics and 100% green electricity.

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Push high gloss - Available from April 2022


Push high gloss Mn – Available from April 2022


Push transparent – Available from April 2022


Push transparent – Available from April 2022


Qube recycling


Unique carbon MMc – Available from June 2022


Unique rollerball carbon MMc – Available from june 2022


Unique wood MMc – Available from june 2022


Unique rollerball wood MMc – Available from june 2022

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Writing instruments "Made in Germany"

The klio® brand stands for high-quality writing instruments from our own production. As we develop and manufacture all our plastic pens entirely in the production sites at our company headquarters in Wolfach, our products are rightly entitled to bear the "Made in Germany" seal of quality.

klio eco®

Writing instruments for conscious and sustainable advertising

The klio eco® brand stands for environmentally conscious practices and sustainable production at Klio-Eterna. The "green" brand includes writing instruments made of renewable raw materials as well as models made of recycled base material. The eco products are divided into the categories bio and recycled, each of which is based on different concepts and production processes.


Products with added value

The klio+® brand stands for products that have more to offer than plastic and refill paste. Our klio+® products inspire with additional functions and special features. For example, our reception pen, the Deskpen is a writing instrument with a stable base and a special "standing". Our Turnus, on the other hand, convinces with inner values, because the USB memory hidden in the cap offers plenty of space for digital documents or company presentations.

klio protect®

Writing instruments with protection for environment and health

With the new klio protect® brand, we combine the themes of sustainability, health and advertising impact to create a unique writing instrument range. All models in the klio protect® range are made of recycled plastic and are 100% Made in Germany, which reflects our approach to resource-saving production and our sustainability concept.

The antibacterial effectiveness has been confirmed in accordance with the ISO 22196 standard, the antiviral effect in accordance with ISO 21702 in large-scale test series by independent laboratories. In both cases, the reduction of viruses after 24 hours was more than 99%.

klio structure®

Writing instruments with structure

The klio structure® brand stands for writing instruments with a special feel. By incorporating defined standard structures (drops or diamonds) into the surface of the writing instruments, our standard models Cobra, Jona and Trias are given a very special look. Raised or embossed, the fine patterns provide an extraordinary writing sensation and "lasting impression".

klio trade®

Writing instruments from controlled trading

The klio trade® brand stands for writing instruments from controlled trade. In addition to our own production of high-quality plastic ballpoint pens for the advertising industry, we also import trade goods, mainly for the metal writing pen segment. As a writing instrument specialist, we always keep an eye on the requirements of the market and pay particular attention to the manufacturing of the products.