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Filoflex is a particularly classy and sustainable notebook in A5 format. The cover is made of double-stitched apple leather. This imitation leather is obtained from the waste resulting from the manufacture of apple juice. The squared and perforated recycled paper has been certified several times and also bears the label „Blauer Engel“, for example.

The Filoflex is bendable and robust at the same time. The black soft cover has a coloured decorative as well as a corresponding frame seam. Each Filoflex is equipped with 2 colour-coordinated ribbons. The paper pocket made of recycled paper integrated in the cover offers storage space for an optional calendar as well as a business card. The matching pens can also be stored in the pen pocket on the side of the notebook.

The paper used for the inner pages is made entirely of recycled fibres. It is produced without the addition of optical brighteners or chlorine bleach and thus bears the label „Blauer Engel“ (No. 19782), the label Austrian Environmental (No. UW016) and the label Nordic Swan (No. 244053). Furthermore, no trees were felled for the production of this notebook.

  • Sustainable, particularly stylish notebook
  • Cover made of apple leather, double-stitched
  • Squared recycled paper - "Blauer Engel", Nordic Swan, Austrian Environmental
  • Bendable soft cover
  • Coloured decorative and frame stitching
  • Paper pocket made of recycled paper with business card slot
  • Pen loop for matching writing instrument
  • Optional calendar
  • Durable embossing on the cover