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klio eco®

klio eco®

Writing instruments for conscious and sustainable advertising

The klio eco® brand stands for eco-conscious practices and resource-saving production. Consequently, our production is energy-optimised and designed to conserve resources. The raw materials for the klio eco® brand are selected on the basis of regional aspects and with regard to their possible use in the production of sustainable writing instruments.

klio eco® - One brand, two concepts
Our "green" brand includes writing instruments made of renewable raw materials as well as models made of recycled plastic.

5 models made of biomaterial:

  • Compostable according to DIN EN 13432
  • Selectable and combinable in 8 bio-colours

6 models made of recycled plastics:

  • Body and mechanism made of recycled materials
  • Selectable and combinable in 14 colours

All models:

  • Writing instruments for conscious and sustainable advertising
  • Resource-saving and energy-efficient processes
  • Special colours from 5,000 pieces
  • Large advertising spaces
  • Sustainable packaging (bio-foil and recycled paper)
  • Climate-neutral production with 100% green electricity
  • Made in Germany

Bio models

We manufacture our bio pens from PLA plastic. This bio-based material is made from plant starch and is industrially compostable according to DIN EN 13432. For the production of our bio-based pens, we use granulate obtained from plants that are also native to our region.



In our bio pens, the whole body is made of PLA material at all times.

Process Bioprocess

Recycling models

In the production of recycled ballpoint pens, we focus on the high recyclability of plastics. In addition to regenerate from our own production, we mainly use purchased plastic waste from industrial production.

Our Tip:
On request, you can also obtain all our own manufactured high gloss models as recycled versions.



Not only the body but also the mechanism of our recycled ballpoint pens are made of recycled plastics.