Klio – Quality Made in Germany

More than 120 years of experience in the production of high-quality writing instruments is offered by Klio-Eterna to its customers at home and abroad. Coupled with technical perfection and current production methods, this experience contributes to the fact that the ballpoint pens and USB sticks from the Black Forest are not only beautiful but also very durable.

Creativity, competence and concentration

70 years ago, in 1943, the inventor László József Bíró patented his writing instrument in Argentina: a ballpoint pen that does not smudge. Klio-Eterna uses his invention today. Ballpoint pens are as popular as ever and it is not surprising that ballpoint pens are still amongst the most favourite promotional items. The same applies to USB-flash drives which also belong to the Klio assortment. More than 130 employees of Klio-Eterna are working competently in a creative and concentrated manner to create items with distinctive promotional messages. Klio-Eterna especially scores as a traditional company that can offer its modular construction system. Custom-made products, thousands of colour combinations, long lasting quality, pens shaped by renowned product designers and ecological production are numerous reasons to decide in favour of Klio-Eterna.