Our Way

A production facility for fountain pens: The KLIO story starts of KLIO starts in Hennef an der Sieg with the company’s foundation by Eduard Reisert in 1900. His success proves him right: For decades, the patented pen Regina by KLIO is a bestseller throughout Europe.

This is also due to the excellent and renowned for high quality eterna ballpoint mechanism. In 1956 KLIO and eterna merge, Klio-Eterna is founded. Under the leadership of Wilhelm Höhner Klio-Eterna relocates to Wolfach in the Black Forest.

Important milestones in the company’s history are the introduction of an accurate multi-color screen printing and from 1986 on the installation of the company’s own refill production. The modular system and the extensive on-site production become the key components of Klio-Eterna’s company focus.

With the introduction of the comprehensive color kit 1990, the individualized production of serial parts according to customers’ wishes has been enhanced. This process consistently focuses on the rapid digital development. Today everyone can compose his writing instrument online at Klio-Eterna, provide it with logo and lettering and see the results in three dimensions.

We continue our way - continue to develop our products with passion, continue to customize these products perfectly for you.