Beautiful and long-lasting writing instruments

The promotional items of Klio-Eterna are long lasting because they are produced from quality raw materials. Printed with a company logo the promotional message is brought to the recipient’s attention again and again. Whoever receives a quality writing product from Klio-Eterna will appreciate the comfortable feel, innovative design and great writing quality associated with our pens. In addition, our USB-flash drives, all of which can be designed individually, can be sold separately or with a writing instrument, complete the range of ballpoint pens.

The material and the design make the difference

Klio-Eterna has several methods by which it maintains the quality of its writing instruments and USB flash drives; consistent use of stable, high quality components and raw materials; use of quality designers to create innovative, stylish designs; advanced in-house production and printing techniques. All these attributes combine to create a gift that is really welcomed.

For these reasons, Klio-Eterna continuously strives to work with renowned product designers in order to offer unique writing instruments and branded USB-flash drives for now and for the future.
Klio-Eterna protects its products with international patents and registered designs, ensuring that clients only receive the genuine Klio-Eterna product.

The origin of any product idea is a distinctive promotional message. By following its high quality standards the company takes care that Klio-made refills write ten times longer than the cheap Far-East competition. It is the reason why Klio writing instruments stay longer on the desk of its owner. This reduces the price per contact significantly – and it combines that positive price-quality-ratio with the good feeling of giving away a long lasting product manufactured under environmentally-friendly circumstances.

We set no limits on Klio quality. Every achievement forms the basis for the next improvement.