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klio protect®

klio protect®

Writing instruments with protection for environment and health

With the klio protect® brand, we combine the themes of sustainability, health and advertising effectiveness to create a unique writing instrument series. In addition to a sustainable material base, the klio protect® models offer antimicrobial protection against bacteria and coronaviruses.

How does the protection get into the pens?
For this purpose, special additives in the form of silver ions are mixed into the plastic. These ensure that the number of micro-organisms on the product surface is reduced and thus the risk of infection by pathogens is significantly lowered.

How safe are the products?
The antibacterial effect has been confirmed according to ISO 22196, the antiviral effect according to ISO 21702 in large-scale tests by independent laboratories. In both cases, the reduction of pathogens after 24h was more than 99%. The antimicrobial protection is maintained throughout the life cycle of the pens and cannot be diminished by abrasion or external conditions.

  • 3 models: Jona, Trias and Zeno
  • Made of recycled plastic
  • Antibacterial effect (ISO 22196)
  • Antiviral effect against coronaviruses (ISO 21702)
  • Label: Recycling logo and text "antibacterial
  • Body in white, clip or push-button selectable from 8 colours
  • PMS 3000: available in special colours from 3,000 pcs.
  • "Mix it, match it" possible from 3,000 pieces
  • Large advertising spaces
  • Sustainable packaging (bio foil and recycled paper)
  • Climate-neutral production with 100% green electricity
  • Made in Germany