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News 2022

News 2022

Novelties, changes, extensions

In 2022, we again have a number of highlights for you. In addition to interesting new products and exciting additions to the range, you can also look forward to consistency and stable prices across the entire Klio-Eterna product range at the start of 2022.

Of course, the brand new Klio-Eterna product catalogue will be available again in printed and digital form at the beginning of the new year.

We have summarised all our new products for you below.

Sustainable and modern

In 2022, the "Qube recycling" will be added to the klio eco® brand range as a sustainable model variant.

  • 100% Recycled plastic for housing and mechanism
  • 100% Manufactured with green electricity
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • 100% Sustainable advertising


PrimaKlima Siegel klimaneutraler Standort

Eye-catching and dynamic

Unique writing instrument composition characterised by an eye-catching and dynamically designed clip top.

The Push model is available in the following 4 model variants:*

  • 42300 Push high gloss
  • 42301 Push transparent
  • 42302 Push high gloss Mn
  • 42303 Push transparent Mn


* Available from April 2022

A touch of luxury

Precious walnut wood or high-quality carbon combined with shiny metal elements to create an elegant and high-quality unique writing instrument.

In combination with a matching case, the ballpoint pen and rollerball can be packed together to create an elegant writing instrument set.

The following model variants are available:*

  • 60300 Unique carbon MMc
  • 60301 Unique rollerball carbon MMc
  • 60302 Unique wood MMc
  • 60303 Unique rollerball wood MMc


* Available from June 2022           

Colour diversity in digital printing

From February 2022, the Qube model can also be customised using digital printing on the clip. Logos and trademarks with many print colours or even colour gradients can then be implemented efficiently and realistically.

The new imprint area is available for the following model variants:

  • 42200 Qube high gloss
  • 42202 Qube high gloss Mn
  • 42201 Qube transparent
  • 42203 Qube transparent Mn
  • 42204 Qube recycling   -   NEW!!!

Stable prices at the start of the year!

Increased raw material prices and energy costs as well as problems in the supply chains, all these points affect the economy and cause extreme price increases in many areas. Even the advertising industry is effected by the Corona pandemic so sometimes enormous price adjustments are inevitable.

Unlike many other suppliers, we will keep prices stable at the start of the year. This applies to our entire product range as well as to our services.

Sustainability in focus

With our document-proof, in-house manufactured Silktech refills, we have always offered a comprehensive range of long-lasting refills. Due to different sizes and filling quantities, our refills have so far been divided into 3 variants with writing lengths of 2,000 m (Silktech S), 3,000 m (Silktech L) and 5,000 m (Silktech XL).

In the course of sustainability, we have decided to equip all our in-house produced models at least with the Silktech L refill with a writing length of 3,000 m. This applies to all models of the brands:

  • klio®
  • klio eco®
  • klio+®
  • klio protect®
  • klio structure®